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Lower Mantle

If chopped firewood is used as the fuel, no funnel is needed. If wood chips are used as the fuel, the funnel with correct inclination is needed. If the inclination is not correct the wood chips easily form an arch and stick (burn) on the inner side of the funnel A correctly designed funnel makes the fuel flow smoothly into the combustion chamber and assists drying of the fuel. The correct inclination for the funnel is 60° and the diameter of the lower part for 4 liter ICE is 200 mm. The diameter of the lower part of the funnel shall always be 2/3 of the diameter of the combustion chamber. The distance between the lower end of the funnel and the air nozzle plane must be 200 mm.

If the wood chips stick (burn) on the inner wall of the funnel, the funnel must be lifted upwards. A guide plate must also be welded onto the funnel to guide the condensing liquid to the collection channel. On the inner side of the outer cylinder is also a collection channel for the condensing liquid with a connection to the outside. The channel must be inclined to make the liquid flow to the collection tank. The collection tank must be gas-tight and spacious enough, suitable volume is 10 liter. If the collection channel is not inclined it will soon be stuck and the generator will not function properly because the moisture cannot escape from the combustion chamber. Inside the lower end of the outer cylinder is a flange for connecting the fuel reservoir to the other parts of the generator. To make the installation easy there are openings on the outer mantle just where the connecting bolts are placed. The flange and the collection channel are welded together on the inside. Due to this the openings on the outer mantle do not affect the gas tightness.

The gasket of the fuel reservoir lid is made of silicone tubing or asbestos string treated with graphite. The lid is connected to a leaf spring. The force of the spring causes the lid to close tightly. The lid serves also as an emergency valve through which the excess pressure in the generator can escape if the gas ignites in the combustion chamber or in the fuel reservoir.

Translated by Olli.