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Malfunctions when starting:

Gas does not burn properly on the starting gas outlet even if the operation time of the fan (3 - 10 min) is sufficient. Possible faults:

  1. Charcoal or wood chips are too wet. This can be noticed from the water vapor in the gas. Let the fan operate. Open the lid of the fuel reservoir and remove wood chips from the fuel reservoir so that the fuel level is in the middle of the funnel. Close the lid and wait until the gas ignites and burns steadily on the starting gas outlet.
  2. There is an arch formed in the combustion chamber. The arch must be removed by inserting a steel rod into the fuel reservoir through the fuel fill opening and pressing it downwards until its end reaches the hearth and then pulling the rod out. Check that there is enough charcoal in the combustion chamber. If unburned wood enters the combustion chamber the produced gas contains tar. If arching occurs often the size of the wood chips is too big or it contains sticks, wines etc.
  3. The pressure and flow created by the fan is too weak. This can be caused by tar in the gas outlet pipe and fan blades. Another cause can be a stuck flap of the one-way valve in the air inlet pipe of the generator. The tar can be removed by separating the piping and fan from the generator and burning the tar away with a gas flame. When the formed tar restricts the gas flow the combustion process in the combustion chamber is weak and uneven and this produces gas which contains even more tar.
  4. Combustion chamber is damaged. Air nozzles can be stuck or melt. Combustion chamber ring is not properly aligned or it is damaged. To repair the damage all wood and charcoal must be removed from the fuel reservoir and the combustion chamber. Usually all these parts can be replaced through the fuel fill opening and complete disassembly of the generator is not necessary.

The ICE does not run properly with gas even if the gas burns properly on the starting gas outlet. Possible faults:

  1. Filter is clogged with ash or there is water contaminated in the filter fabric. The ICE does not get enough gas. Remove all ash and charcoal dust from the filter housing and the fabric of the filter element. Water can condense in the fabric if the filter housing and the pipe from the spark trap to the filter are not thermally insulated. When these parts are thermally insulated the temperature of the gas is high enough and no water can condense.
  2. Condensed liquid has clogged collection tanks and gas pipes. All condensed liquid in all collection tanks must be drained immediately after stopping the generator. This ensures that no clogging can occur.
  3. Control flaps are incorrectly adjusted. When running the ICE with gas the mixture control flap must be closed and the power control flap open. This creates the maximum vacuum possible to suck the gas out from the generator. As soon as the ICE runs properly with gas the flaps are adjusted for normal operation.
  4. Air leak in the system. The gas contains so much air that the combustion process in the ICE is not possible. Check that all ash removing hatches and liquid collection tanks are properly installed.

The ICE starts to run with gas but stops after a while. Possible faults:

  1. Arch formed in the combustion chamber. Remove the arch with a steel rod.
  2. Too short operation time for the fan. The temperature has not reached the proper value and not enough gas is produced.
  3. Mixture control flap is opened too much.
  4. The ICE runs with too high rpm and uses more gas than the generator can deliver. Let the ICE run with lower rpm for a while.
  5. Filter or pipes are clogged with condensed liquid, tar or ash. Clean the filter and pipes.
  6. The flap in the generator intake air pipe can not open enough and the generator can not generate gas as much as required by the ICE.

Translated by Olli.