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Gas Cooler

The gas cooler is made of copper, aluminum or brass pipes which may be equipped with fins. The inside diameter of the pipes is 10 mm and the outer diameter (with fins) is 15 mm. The gas flows downwards in the pipes and the condensing liquid goes to the reservoir in the lower part of the cooler. The gas flows through the wide channel on the side of the cooler above the upper reservoir and to the ICE. This channel is wide to make the gas flow slowly to ensure that as much of the condensing liquid as possible will be trapped on the lower reservoir.

The bottom of the lower reservoir must be slightly inclined towards the draining plug. The volume of the collection tank should be about 10 liter. In cold ambient temperature part of the heat exchanger and the pipe between the cooler and the ICE can be thermally insulated to prevent the gas from cooling too much. In a vehicle the cooler can be installed in the front of the radiator to ensure proper fresh air flow through the cooler. The cooler must be designed so that the total area of all the cooler pipes is equal or greater than the area of the incoming pipe. The cooler pipes can be aligned in two or three rows.

Translated by Olli.