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I am an aircraft mechanic and know fully how a variable pitch blade assy works. I have been thinking of constructing a generator out of obsolete aircraft generators, but don't really know how to convert 28v 400hz power to something useable in a house.

Offered by LeRoy.

I know little about aircraft electrical systems but it seems to me they are using a 400Hz frequency because the engine RPM is always very high, most of the time throttle being at least 1/2 open (a guess). But you are not going to be using this generator/motor in an airplane, you are going to be spinning the shaft by some other means. So if you can find out the RPM's that the generator normally spins at while working in the plane, just reduce the RPM's of your windmill by gears or pulleys until you get the 60Hz signal you need. Then a simple doorbell transformer (wired in reverse) will step up your 28V 60Hz AC to 120V 60Hz which is what you are looking for.

Really the frequency of the line current is not that important, the most important thing to look at as far as I'm concerned is the total power output in Watts that you can get out of the windings without melting them down. Power is the real constraint, everything else can be rectified, inverted, whatever.

Offered by Rob.