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ZetaTalk: Israeli Sightings
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

In the rash of sightings during the year preceding the millennium, those in countries normally intolerant of mysticism have the greatest impact on the Awakening. Brutally serious, the Israelis have scant tolerance for playfulness or what some might call flights of fancy. They consider themselves under assault from all sides, and anything less than sober and grounded guardedness to be in essence an act of treason. Thus, when sightings are simultaneously reported by large numbers of Israelis, the world takes this seriously, knowing the source. At the least, such sightings would have been investigated, without delay, by the highly paranoid Israeli air force. Unless also officially observed, the sightings would not be reported.

That mass sightings were reported and accompanied by a personal encounter makes these reports all the more startling. The sober Israelis, who all but prosecute false stories so as to save their energies for the very real emergencies their lives are constantly called to address, would surely have given anyone reporting a personal encounter a hard time. It was for this reason that the contactee, who had requested this role and knew full well what to expect, was left with a residual coating of powder to back up his story.

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