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ZetaTalk: False Claims
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

As the Awakening progresses, the flurry of increased sightings and communications from alien visitors will encourage false claims, for many reasons. Even in the past, when contactees and those claiming sightings were harassed, false claims outnumbered valid claims. Humans crave attention, in whatever form, as this is a trait that increases the likelihood of survival. The infant that cries the loudest gets rescued from distress and fed so that the parents can get some peace and quiet. The boy willing to step to the center of the group and present his ideas and plans is more likely to be followed on a romp or adventure than one who remains silent and keeps his thoughts to himself, and thus is first to the prize. The human animal demanding attention had the edge in survival, and as the survivor passed these genes along.

How does this human trait affect the Awakening?

Those wishing to sort out false contactee or sighting claims from the valid must learn how to do this themselves, as by initial appearance they will both look valid. The false claim, however, will not hold up under intense questioning, as with all lies the truth becomes entangled in the many embellishments that elaborate lies require, and contradictions emerge. Read the valid literature published in the past by conscientious UFO research groups. Use this extensive data as a basis of comparison. But most of all, learn to discern the traits and profile of the attention getter. They will tend to embellish the story as the attention they get starts to wane, demand attention rather than react to it as it comes their way, contradict themselves increasingly as the story gets more elaborate, fly in the face of logic or known facts and well established trends, and answer questions evasively with a flood of irrelevant details rather than address the crux or gist of the question.

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