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ZetaTalk: Star Trek
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996

This popular and long running TV and movie series speaks deeply about the alien presence to its many fans. Does it depict life among many species from other worlds or reflect what space exploration might present to mankind should they ever get outside of their solar system? No. Star Trek is artificial in so many respects that it can only be called fiction without a parallel in real life. It skews in the direction of a military lifestyle, where such structures are found only within Service-to-Self groups, the vast minority throughout the Universe. It presumes that alien groups can affect each other freely, without supervision, when the Council of Worlds in fact monitors and polices all interaction between groups. It implies that submission to administrative oversight is voluntary, and that rogue groups can escape detection, when the opposite is true. Where Star Trek has encouraged the Awakening it is correctly presenting the possibility of encountering varied life forms surprisingly different from life forms on Earth. Spiritual possession or walk-ins are regularly featured, as are habitats poisonous to life that has not evolved there - all quite true.

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