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ZetaTalk: Clare Prophet
Note: written on Jun 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Among the marks left by the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet are myths of their genetic heritage. They used human females as sex slaves freely, wherever they resided on Earth, and of course at times spawned offspring. Unless the woman had broad hips, she was highly likely to die in childbirth or during pregnancy. The visitors from the 12th Planet knew this, and almost routinely gave their sex slaves an abortive medicine to prevent those messy deaths. However, at times a sex slave escaped or a casual encounter resulted in a pregnancy, and a living child resulted. All genetics tend to blend, so this resulted only in somewhat larger humans, a trait which has lost its meaning as all human races have increased in stature over time due to selective breeding. Elizabeth Clare Prophet thought the Jews a select race bearing more of these genetics than others, a claim based not on fact but on her respect for the accomplishments of the Jews.

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