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ZetaTalk: Mt. Shasta
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

Ourselves and other alien groups in the Service-to-Others reside in 3rd Density on the surface of your planet, but for obvious reasons do not take up residence out in the open or in populous areas or fertile land farmed and tended. Wilderness or inaccessible places have proved to be the best homes, and this includes mountainous or desert areas. Mountains hold natural caverns, most of which have never been discovered by humans, and the caverns are ideal - capacious, secure, and temperature and humidity controlled. Mt. Shasta holds many such caverns in its vicinity, and is indeed home to more than one group of aliens in the Service-to-Others orientation. As with other such sites, UFOs are occasionally sighted and word gets around. Contacts are not, however, made any more frequently at such sites than anywhere else. The reason is obvious. Should contact occur more frequently there, crowds of people camping out might ensue, as contactees not uncommonly linger at or return to familiar contact sites as this aids them in their recall process.

Drawing crowds and remaining secure in a hidden home are activities at odds with one another. Any reports of making contact at Mt. Shasta are therefore either wishful thinking or spinning yarns.

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