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ZetaTalk: Lyssa Royal
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Royal channel book series is excellent, and contains a close representation of the information channeled through them. We would caution not to take all statements literally, as in an attempt to communicate our and our brethren's meaning such that all men can understand, the language may be flowery. Read more for the underlying meaning than for the literal interpretations. Listen with your heart. The channel, Lyssa, was presented with one of our hybrids to gain an understanding of how this hominoid fits into the whole. In understanding that this hominoid will be the intelligent life form on Earth in the future, she assumed he was from the future. When meeting someone from another culture humans assume there will be some concepts one party holds that the other will have difficulty with. Likewise when chatting with someone who speaks in a different language, translation difficulties are expected, where word nuances enter in and can change the meaning. Channeled work relayed from an alien race to a human should always be read for the overall impression, and given at least the same latitude for communication difficulties that humans give to one another.

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