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ZetaTalk: Ma-Di or DOMA
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Ma-Di or the DOMA are not at all what they are purported to be, as they are assuming a religious front in order to get past the guard that humans put up against an alien message. Religious messages, particularly when directed at those who have been raised in rigidly religious environments, are accepted without question when they come packaged in familiar wrapping. Catholics are numerous, forming the bulk of the religious in many countries such as those in South America, and do not differentiate themselves by their dress or talk as strict Hindus or Muslims do. Thus, an indoctrinated Catholic can spread the word without being suspect. What word does the Ma-Di or DOMA wish to spread? That humans should give themselves over as property to higher powers who will watch over them, an extension of the message they received during their childhood religious training - don't think, trust, follow directions. This is not a message those in the Service-to-Others would disseminate, but is a common message from the Service-to-Self, who are dictatorial and can best encroach where free thought is suppressed.

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