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ZetaTalk: The Word
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Many humans who gain an understanding of the Transformation and its components feel impelled to get the word out to others. Should others not become aware as quickly as possible of the pending pole shift, the spiritual choices to be made, and the presence of galactic citizens in their midst? They are concerned that failure to act, to broadcast this information, represents a dereliction of duty on their part and fret over how best to proceed in the face of resistance.

Is this necessary? Is this possible? And whose responsibility is this? This is certainly not the responsibility of those humans who personally become aware. Each human who desires this information can and does give The Call and thus receives a personal explanation. But what of those humans who, held in ignorance by a reluctant media, have not had their curiosity stirred? Here also we assume responsibility, by limited sightings or visitations to start the ball rolling. Likewise, issues of spiritual choices are not so much made based on knowledge that such choices exist, but on the steady resolution of issues in one direction or the other. The entity sees the trend, and watching others, realizes the choices that are possible. Should the pending pole shift be loudly announced to warn humans of the many changes their lives will undergo? Any publication would meet with active resistance, such that the volume would mount to meet the challenge. Truth of this matter will not be carried home to humanity by the media, much controlled by the establishment, but by the Earth itself, which will present changes for all to see and none able to explain away.

Therefore, speak to those who will listen, but do not be concerned about numbers.

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