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ZetaTalk: Familiar Stranger
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Many contactees have the sense that they have met another before, and that there is some activity they are to do together. At times they spontaneously recall a meeting with people they do not recognize, or have a flash of a person's face, figure, or demeanor. Contactees are being introduced to each other by aliens who are coordinating activities. The contactee may meet the others in their conscious life at some point in time, or such a meeting may never occur. If they meet, they have a sense that there is something familiar about the other person, or perhaps think they know them from some place. This, of course, happens all the time in human relationships, so comments about this cause no one to take alarm. However, in the contactee's subconscious all remember the prior meeting and the issues being discussed, and work together toward common goals without needing to mention them openly or to be consciously aware that they are doing so.

Many contactees have become aware, through one means or another, that these types or meetings are occurring and that they have met supposed strangers in their lives that they recognize, absolutely. This is being discussed in contactee support groups, or among contactees who have become friends. This type of awareness will only increase as the need for coordinated activity increases, and as troubled times approach.

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