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ZetaTalk: Faked
Note: written during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The public is rapt and eager to hear about aliens, and the stage masters rise to the occasion! Following the legitimate mass sightings in Mexico in 1991, during the Eclipse, there were faked sightings reported and produced on video galore. The reason? The locals, having had a tasted of well-heeled visitors to their area, staying at the local motels and restaurants and tipping well, wanted more. So, as we reported years ago when asked about this, the majority of the follow-on sightings were simply faked. The Brazilian Roswell, a legitimate report of live aliens injured and on the ground, seen by school children wandering home along a path through the woods, is being followed by faked Abduction scenes. The fakes are clear, as there are burn marks in the shape of a body on the bed, on the wooden wall, enough such that the human involved would have body wide burns, life threatening in nature. Not at all what contactees experience! Another report, from the Ranch Areas where cattle mutilations formerly keep visitors coming and reports in the local papers, we now hear of similar sightings. The body cannot be produced, the story told by word of mouth only, but those in the US west who hope to keep the interest up will keep it up as long as they do get reporters coming around. This is simply the human wish to keep a good thing going, attention, extra income, and is likely to follow in like manner the increase in legitimate sightings that will be occurring during the Awakening.
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