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Note: written during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Where most of these sightings do not get into the press, they nevertheless occur and ready the larger pool of humanity that is receptive to an open awareness of man not being alone in the universe, and the presence of alien visitors. Famous, of course, are the Mexico mass sighting during the Eclipse, and the mass sighting that occurred in Arizona, where a large mothership was viewed by most of the state. Recently, in late 2002, some areas are being reported where earlier they were hotbeds of sightings but not reported widely. An example is the mass sighting, by pilots and so numerous and from various areas that no flip explanation could be given for what was seen, which was reported in Turkey. Lights moving at right angles, going up and reversing, are not a meteor or another plane, especially when reported by pilots who know how planes behave. The tail reported was to exemplify, for all watching, just what direction the object was moving, as UFOs do not have an exhaust, but did so deliberately this time.

Likewise, there are spots in Norway and Southern California where sightings happen so often as to be local folklore, not at all disturbing to the residents. What is little known is that the red deserts of Australia are frequent spots, as the local farmers as well as Aborigines are accepting. And the vast regions of China, where no news issues forth due to the repressive regime there, have light shows frequently, and missing time in those evenings is much the talk in the fields the next day among those who take this as a source of pride, their involvement in these mass visits. In South America, Brazil, especially since what we have termed the Brazilian Roswell, is a hotbed in spots of sightings, and missing time. When this occurs together, there is an unmistakable correlation in the human mind, in that the sightings and sleepy mornings the next day, and the sense that they have been a party to a visit, en mass, is strong. Thus, the light shows, in the consciousness of those viewing it, opens the door to discussions about whether one is sleepy, slept well, had an odd dream, or whatever. In the fields, the coffee shops, the local laundry, this is the talk.
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