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ZetaTalk: Scallion
Note: written on Aug 15, 2002

Where we, the Zetas, as alien visitors, are tightly under the Rules of Engagement and Rule of Non-Interference the Council of Worlds imposes, this is not the case with human contactees. Most of our work, as Zetas, occurs because a contactee, hearing the details of a situation, becomes motivated to act. We do not act, the contactee does. Scallion is a contactee, and is a very good sponge in this regard. He absorbs not only what he hears being discussed during this visits, he also absorbs more than is on the table, the thoughts in the heads of his visitors, who are many. He puts his own spin on this, fits in into the whole, and reports this to the humanity that hang on his words. Thus, his accuracy track record, which is far above chance, is noted, as he is reporting more than a human in touch with Earth change. He is reporting what his many visitors, which encompass a large variation of life forms and interests, are aware of. He is coming back from his visits with a smorgasbord of information, which he then sorts out during his dreams or mediation sessions. This is not all 100% correct, but is close enough to bring him an avid following, as it ought. As a human, not bound by the rules the Council imposes upon us, he can report his predictions on specific earthquakes.

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