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Note: recorded during the June 22, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Has the cat been let out of the bag, no longer to be put back, out there yowling about declaring a pole shift in the offing and a massive long running cover-up in place? Yes, simply stated, after 20 million listeners have heard Nancy speaking, and caught her web site address, and visited, in the main, this web site address, the cat is loose! All other guests, bar none, have been tentative, basing their statements on human measurements, or rumor. None have the prediction track record of ZetaTalk, even including Scallion who is indeed a connected and legitimate channel. Where is this likely to go, and what are the options? Can they stuff Nancy back into the bag, declaring her insane or mustering various countering information or explanations? Not likely to be believed, and those who would contemplate such an effort understand that this would more than likely backfire, making her renown increase.

Art Bell of course screens his callers as to their likely questions and personalities and has many on the line so he can pick and chose as the show goes along. He clued the public in on his lead-in for the Open Lines that followed Nancy’s interview, by stating during Nancy's interview that it would be a Mad Max world. Of course, this is what the lead-in callers were talking about! View this as a test, which Bell was requested to host, to see how the public would react. Those closely watching this did not want long whining and hand holding and talking about spirituality on the increase. They wanted to cut to the chase, to find out what gangs would do, who would have guns and how they would use them, and how the public would react to their government in bunkers while they were left outside. The result was that solid citizens, with children, jobs, and responsibilities in general, would consider moving to safety rather than making loud demands on the government. The talk of gangs, and rapes, and becoming a king were almost exclusively from the immature, and taken that way by the audience in general, who discounted this talk as bragado.

Thus, the common man impressed their government, the elite who have been keeping them in the dark, with their maturity and calm. It is for this reason that more outlets for Nancy of this sort should be anticipated. All those solution sets on Troubled Times, so long labored over and web wrapped. All those contacts willing to answer email. Soon to be called upon, thrust onto the stage, to address the masses with their questions.

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