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ZetaTalk: Crop Circle Clues
Note: written on May 15, 2002

Mankind often complains that crop circles are not clear in their intent, their message. It is clear they are increasing in complexity, often have circles that might be considered planets or suns in a solar system, and their relationship by some force or another. We have stated that the makers of genuine crop circles are speaking to the subconscious of man, which understands the message even if the more rigid conscious resists. The subconscious understands the body language of someone afraid, or feeling sexual, or resentful. The conscious is aware that the rules of society are being followed, the right clothing worn, and the schedule on time. Thus, the conscious views crop circles and puzzles over them, but the subconscious understands.

Mankind is aware, both subconsciously and consciously, that the weather has become unpredictable, the poles melting, and the fauna and flora about him migrating and behaving out of keeping with what is expected. They see the Moon with halos about it, the jet stream passing clouds overhead in odd ways, and note that no one seems to have an explanation outside of what seems silly. If Global Warming is the issue, then why does the US excuse itself to pollute merrily away? What crop circles are presenting is the relationship between the inbound planet and the other planets in the solar system.

We would suggest those curious about the meaning of these genuine crop circles go through their history, placing them on a table by date, and pass their eye over them. They will see the equilibrium of the solar system being disrupted as these circles progress over time. They will get the feeling of what is happening to the solar system, where many planets and moons of these planets are exhibiting a disturbed equilibrium, changing, heating up, or whatever. Once having gotten that feeling, the conscious is allowing the subconscious to speak more loudly, and this should be allowed to continue. Never mind what other humans have claimed. You are the explanation for crop circles. You listen to your subconscious.

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