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ZetaTalk: David Icke
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002

During the decades between Roswell and the present, the good aliens who had contacted MJ12 to counter the likes of the Omnipotent Krlll persisted. Movies such as ET and Close Encounters have their basis in the growing perception that there were two types of aliens. However, there are those humans who could not sort this out, and continue to believe that all aliens are the bad sort, and one should have their guard up against them all. A strong segment of the military and CIA likewise benefit from this perception, as they would like to see the public cling to them for defense, and not turn in curiosity or welcoming toward the alien presence. This is simply territorial protection on their part, but nonetheless the public is told horror stories only by this crowd. David Icke, while sincere, is being used by this crowd, who present him with so-called evidence that horrifies him.

Thus, it is difficult for those in the general public with nothing but conflicting stories to sort it out. Not a small victim of this business is that those who would genuinely like to reach out to what they sense are visitors, are very fearful. They essentially resign themselves to death, to being eaten or tortured, when giving The Call. Wet with sweat, trembling, they return from their first contact, requiring days to adjust to the idea that the meeting was pleasant, interesting, and no harm was done to them. The conflicting stories about alien intentions has become a type of war, between factions of the military and former MJ12 members, some of whom feel the good aliens could greatly assist mankind if an embrace and awakening were made. Thus, to some degree, it is a battle of the titans, with conflicting stories circulating on the Internet, both sides bashing each other mightily.

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