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ZetaTalk: When Worlds Collide
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002

Imagine the mindset of MJ12 when they encountered the Service-to-Self aliens who rushed in during the time of Roswell to form bonds with the US government before the Service-to-Others could do so. This was the defense department, the military, who are paranoid about intrusions in any case and tend to be hyper-organized and control oriented. They found the rules and regulations the Service-to-Self aliens had in place a comfort, but were uneasy. They sensed a coldness, agendas not explained. After Roswell, when the Service-to-Others made contact by crashing and injuring themselves, they concluded that aliens were not all competent or of the same mindset. However, in that the Service-to-Self had not crashed during an introduction, they took this group to be more competent, and having the upper hand. It took some time for the nature of the two groups to sort out in MJ12's mind, in fact long after Nancy's recent engagement where she had to explain a few matters to them.

Consequently, members of MJ12 had long talks into the night with each other on the possible scenarios. Movies such as When Worlds Collide reflect those anxieties. Early movies about aliens invariably presented the alien presence as technologically advanced, but cold. They presented the agenda of a takeover, something the military mind would fret about in any case. Intrusion into human society, infecting and influencing humans, and when the time was right, eliminating mankind and taking the Earth for themselves. Look back over the menu Hollywood offered, during those decades, and you see the mindset of MJ12 in the early days. Later movies, such as ET and Close Encounters, presented kindness and eager contactees. Expect more of this, as when MJ12 finally sorted it all out, they realized that a stiff arm to the alien presence plays into the Service-to-Self agenda, and set out to right their prior wrongs.

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