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ZetaTalk: Alien Presence
Note: written on Jan 15, 2002

Humans adjust to the new and familiar in accordance with its introduction during their lifetime. The babe, in its mother's arms, heard conversation, occasional banging doors, occasional howling wind, and feels no sense of urgency or alarm from the arms it lays in. Thus, banging doors and howling wind do not alarm it to the point of a faint in later life! Extend this to the crowd of children the child later runs with, the workforce peers, the leadership of the clan, or any other substitute for Mother. Where it is a known, or similar, or accepted occurrence, the human being can slot and place the occurrence, and does not react with panic.

Where the alien presence is widely known and talked about, it is presented in various ways. Contactees describe their experiences in terms that seem relatively harmless, but the elite, who do not want humans turning to the alien presence with any but horror and rejection, paint a different picture. Disinformation is presented as though it were from a contactee, an experiencer, and thus the general public is confused. Thus, when a contactee meets, for the first time, the visitors they have been longing to meet and giving The Call to, the contactee is braced for the worst! Panic, and fainting, occur when any unexpected encounter occurs, whether this be the announcement that someone in good health is now dead, or that the lottery has been won and one is now rich. Sudden and unexpected encounters cause one to faint as fainting is a protection, playing possum, which saved many a cave man from being eaten as he was assumed dead and thus rotten by the predators.

Thus, for the general public to become accustomed to the alien presence, and to not react in this manner, the Council of Worlds has determined to introduce actual sightings of alien lifeforms, on video, for the general public to view. These sightings have already occurred by the year-end of 2001, but are discounted often as fakes. However, the increasing incidence, broadcast mostly as local news, is making the Earth's population comfortable with the alien presence. You've seen an alien? So what. Shut the door and don't slam it please, I'm busy watching the news on TV.

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