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ZetaTalk: ZetaTalk Accuracy
Note: written on Dec 15, 2001

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, are in tune with all humans who are thinking about us or whom we are interested in, their thoughts, as well as with Nancy. Likewise, Nancy has to do no more than think a request for a conference and one is in process, as both of us can converse while doing our normal daily tasks. There is no need for a physical proximity, only a syncing of the thoughts. In that there is this merging, how can the public be sure it is not Nancy rather than ourselves, who are answering? We step back during NancyTalk, and she gives us this stage during ZetaTalk, but in between she and we converse with the normal open discourse we are very accustomed to. Nancy is not shy, nor are we, and we both are comfortable with blunt talk. So when we say we are reporting ZetaTalk to you, this is exactly what it is. And this is why she will sometimes correct, having put forth a word or phrase that does not carry our intent, as we object, when this occurs. We act as a team, with both members having their identity, but the overall goal a shared one.

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