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ZetaTalk: Prophecy
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

Studies show that the majority of the populace believes in the alien presence, in the likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Universe and being curious enough or having the capacity to travel to Earth for a visit. Since the majority of humans on Earth are not contactees, where does this solid belief come from? This is derived from a combination of factors, and when weighted by each individual human, leans heavily in the direction of life elsewhere being a possibility. These factors include the diversity of life they see on Earth, the likelihood of some process like evolution in that they can observe a similar skeletal structure on many different animal types, their own curiosity about the greater Universe extrapolated to a desire for space travel by humans, and the persuasiveness of UFO sightings. Regardless of statements by the establishment, the population believes otherwise. What factors, then, does the populace take into consideration during any discussion on pole shifts, past or pending?

In spite of the pompousness of self appointed experts in the scientific community, the public in general takes them with a grain of salt. The scientific community argues with itself, loudly at times, and presents contradictions to confused students. Announcements are regularly made about recent discoveries that contradict past assumptions, with new theories put forth as the new truth to be honored as fact. A jaded public listens with half an ear, giving other factors greater weight. More weight is given the views expressed by local experts, individuals known to the community for sober deliberation and solid conclusions that pass the test of time. When something momentous is about to happen, all eyes turn toward these individuals, to see their reactions and conclusions. In that the coming pole shift is expressing itself locally via weather changes and crop disasters, the global situation will not reach the local level until little time is left. Thus, the evaluation or conclusions of scientists, who disagree and argue, or the conclusions of local wisemen, are unlikely to cause the populace to conclude that a pole shift is pending.

Past geological upheavals are all around the common man, but go unseen as they have been there for the lifetimes of those living. Sheer cliffs, torn continents, risen or fallen ocean levels - all are put into the category of something unknown that happened before one’s time. The explanation that much of this happened eons ago, during a time when the Earth was perhaps impacted by an asteroid, is accepted, and often this is due to the desire to believe that nothing so horrific could occur during one’s own lifetime. The desire to be comfortable is strong, and denial an easy route. Patterns showing that cataclysms are recent, and periodic, cause discomfort in most, and thus are quickly put to rest by any alternative explanation - the study is wrong, the dates confused, or the reporter not credible. Such patterns, where compelling to those who have accepted, emotionally, the coming changes, will not be accepted by those not ready to be aware. Awareness must be preceded by a plan, steps to be taken by the individual, who must accept that their life will be changed before they can allow themselves to believe it.

Folklore and prophecy speaks to the coming changes eloquently, in all cultures and through many mediums. These stories and prophecies hold the populace spellbound, in the main, because the average man understands that for lore to persist through time, or for a prophecy to be widely known, it must have had a great impact on all who heard it, and thus it holds validity. This is a factor little understood by the establishment, who arrogantly assume that their statements are taken as valid by the public. Thus, folklore and prophecy are ignored by the establishment, as insignificant. They are wrong. Prophecies about albino animals, the White Buffalo, or a red sky accompanied by great heat and drought, or snow in summer, are also prophecies that can be verified by the average man. That many prophecies come true at the same time also holds weight. This - more than any argument in the media or pronouncements by experts or careful pattern analysis of geological changes - affects the average man, and causes him to consider the possibility that a time of global and spiritual change, as predicted, is about to occur.

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