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ZetaTalk: Theosophists
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

Past Theosophist writings had valid insights, but were not from a channel. Their accuracy came from knowledge the entity brought with it into the incarnation. The early Theosophists were Star Children, whose mission was education of mankind. The Theosophists, being ahead of their time in the concerns they addressed and too intellectual for the masses, were ignored by the establishment, which did not see in them a threat. Thus their message has not been undermined in the same manner as the message of Jesus, for instance, who spoke plainly to the masses and challenged the establishment directly and repeatedly.

Is the Theosophist message true, to be taken literally? As with all writings, the reader's slant can be inserted. Where the Council of Worlds corrected the environment on Earth here and there, so that the 3rd Density condition could proceed as intended, a racist slant can be interjected by the reader. Where alien groups, also in 3rd Density, such as the visitors from the 12th Planet, were unduly influencing the Earth, they were not infrequently removed in concert with one of the periodic cataclysms. Land masses go under the waves, and rise up from the depths during each cataclysm. Where a group of humans formerly under the influence of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet went under the waves, the legend of Atlantis was born.

The Theosophists, speaking to humans in a language they could understand, inculcated their legends. One uses what is at hand, when trying to communicate and bridge vast communication gaps. The early Theosophists should be read not literally, but as though reading poetry, mythology, thus letting the underlying meaning soak in. This, in its totality, will convey the message intended by the Theosophists, who were telling true history, and relaying the true plans in place for the Earth.

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