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ZetaTalk: Disincarnate Opportunists
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Where on a mass level the battle has been won, on individual levels the battle is not over until the soul leaves its Earthly domain. We are speaking here not only of souls residing inside a human body, but of the vast majority of souls who are still, as it were, hanging around waiting for their next opportunity. At this stage of your spiritual development, you develop most rapidly while incarnated. During the tumultuous times ahead, there will be opportunities. There will be spirits who cannot tolerate the distress, and beg to leave their body. This decision is voluntary, within the bounds of what the individual soul can arrange. Therefore, disembodied souls can take charge of a human body, and continue their learning experience, under these circumstances.

Those of the Service-to-Self orientation seek new recruits. The Service-to-Self orientation is very hierarchical and structured. The pecking order is precise. As with any such group, new recruits invariably start at the bottom. We need not say more to explain why those of the Service-to-Self orientation are eagerly awaiting the despair and abandonment many will feel during the coming times. They are seeking new recruits! Thus, for the Service-to-Self, an opportunity to incarnate as a walk-in is an opportunity to influence human affairs.

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